Transformative Ayahuasca Workshops in the Amazon Rainforest

Iquitos - Peru

Experience the joy of living through a powerful and insightful journey that will change your life.

Heal your anxiety, overcome fear, frustration, obsessions, self-destructive thoughts, past traumatic events, loneliness, sadness and depression.

Recover self worth, learn to be confident in a place of acceptance and feel empowered to forgive yourself and others.

Welcome to Allinkana


“My Experience with this retreat was fairly life changing. Working with the medicines can be very intense, beautiful, evolving and terrifying all in a short period. It's all a part of the healing and evolving process. Everything was very nicely organised. Very simple and everyone was very supportive on all the different levels. These people have huge hearts and you won't regret this experience. Special thanks to Marco for helping me out of some tough spots. Cheers to all and good luck with your Journeys”


Manitoba Canada

“Cei Cei and Marco are one of a kind, I haven’t met any humans quite like them. Together they are the  perfect alchemy of and feminine and masculine presence, and they will hold the safest, most loving  and non judgemental space for you whilst you heal and share the most vulnerable side of yourself.

Cei Cei has endless patience. And I mean…. endless. She is like this tall ethereal goddess that appears every time you need her, without even asking. During my most distressing moments, she comforted me so much.

Marco is a wise, loving father-like figure. He has given me some of the best advice of my life, and he really knows what he’s doing.

It blows my mind that these two people are so dedicated to healing others, they’re certainly not here for the money. They changed my life forever. 

I’m a psychiatric nurse back at home and I can honestly say that experiencing the way they treat healing, completely changed my own practice towards my patients back at home. They showed me what true compassion should be and for that I’ll be forever grateful.

Even 3 years after my retreat, they still keep in touch with me, and would be there for me if I needed. The aftercare doesn’t end, you’ve gained friends for life. 

You really couldn’t be in better hands to begin a totally new journey in your life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, guys”


Donia Ivie


"It’s no exaggeration to say that traveling down into the jungles of Peru to do a week-long ayahuasca retreat was pretty nerve-wracking.  When my plane touched down in Iquitos, the butterflies in my gut were as intense as they’ve ever been.  

Which is why I was so relieved and happy when I met Marco and Cei Cei.  They seem to instinctively know how to set a person’s mind at ease.  They were as friendly, approachable and patient as anyone I’ve ever known.  In the week I was there, I never felt like I was in danger, nor anything close to it.  These are two individuals who have truly found their calling in life, and radiate peace and love because of it.  Indeed I count myself lucky to have kept in touch with them and now call them friends.  I cannot recommend this ayahuasca experience highly enough - it changed my life for the better in a deep and profound way, and Marco and Cei Cei were there every step of the way, shepherding and guiding me towards the light.  They’re the freakin bee’s knees.  The cat’s pajamas.  They’re the best"

Chris M.

Kansas City US

“My husband Olli and I have been searching for solutions to our personal issues for many years. Olli suffers from severe depressions and I've often found myself in a self destructive spiral and in an emotional rollercoaster. Soon after beginning our Ayahuasca Odyssee in Europe, we felt the calling of the jungle. On our first visit we met Marco and CeiCei and their level of experience was clear from the get go, they work from their hearts. We were thrilled to hear about the new retreats at Allinkana and were eager to be among the first to participate so we booked a retreat. The location was perfect - in the jungle, but not so far out from the city. The place is clean,  our bungalow was "hidden" among palm trees and other tropical plants so nothing disturbed our privacy during our plant dieta. Each bungalow is equipped with everything including a shower in each room. The ceremony space (maloca) is special, it has an embedded crystal at the top. The food was very tasty and exactly the nutrition we needed. 

The highlight was the ceremonies and the connection with the shaman. CeiCei wasn't there this time as we were so few but Marco facilitated wonderfully and guided us diplomatically through our mood swings. We had his full attention and support even though he was struggling with a flu. The shaman was perfect and exactly who we needed in place at the time. A powerful, experienced, flexible and compassionate man of few words who masters his art.

Long story short, we got the healing we needed and if we had to return a hundred times over, we would choose Allinkana because we felt safe, understood and well advised”

Albina Toma


"Allinkana retreat was far beyond my expectations, I was received with so much love and taken care of by Marco that I genuinely felt at ease and ready for one of the most transforming experiences of my life.

Everything was meticulously planned and orchestrated, from the great food (Hurray for breakfast super smoothies!) to the ceremonies and group shares, all days felt like heaven! I have learned so much about sacred plants that I feel like I left a piece of me with Allinkana, I definitely left Peru a changed man… I also want to extend my gratitude to the Shaman who was a very soothing and calming presence throughout the ceremonies as well as the facilitators who made this journey so fulfilling (Special shout out to Shane, what a lovely human being!).

The retreat had all the amenities one could need, clean and spacious with great staff tending to our every needs.

I will forever cherish the time I spent in the retreat and will definitely come back in the future to experience again the nurturing guidance of Marco"

With a lot of love, Filipe de Almeida


"If one is looking for a 5* Ayahuasca experience that is far removed from the commercial ones out there, then one should look no further. Allinkana is not only a top-shelf Ayahuasca experience, it is so much more. I have done the medicine before and Allinkana is in a league of its own.

Everything works like a well-oiled machine, and I am not talking about technical stuff only. After several hours there you realize that everybody knows exactly what to do for us to feel safe and welcomed. The staff keeps all living spaces comfortable, well-maintained, and clean while food is consistently delicious. That removes all "worries" so we can focus on healing and working on ourselves which brings me to facilitators. This experience would not be the same without them. Marco and Shane offered their perspectives and help every time it was needed. There was no limit to the amount of time they would devote to us and our journey and their different life experiences helped us immensely. The main reason we were there was the medicine, which was something else. The quality is top notch and the ceremony is in complete control of the shaman, who uses a variety of his Icaros and instruments to guide us and help us on our journey. All that reinforces the feeling of the best space for personal growth.

There is so much more I could write but some things can't or rather shouldn't be described and are better left to be experienced and to surprise"