We have carefully selected our location with the right conditions to facilitate the healing process of our guests.

An hour and a half by boat from the port of Nanay in Iquitos, across the Amazon River and into one of its tributaries.

The location is immersed in the lush Amazon jungle, without being too far from the city.


We have six separate tambos (bungalows) available to our guests. All tambos have the capacity to accommodate up to two guests each, all tambos are fully equipped with beds, bathroom and shower.

A main common house where we gather to eat, socialize and generally relax. Here you will find hammocks, tables and chairs, a treated water source, a plug board to charge your electronic devices, kitchen and bathrooms. A kitchen and service area where our service staff work diligently to cook your meals and organize cleaning and laundry tasks.

A Maloca (ceremony room/space) where we perform ceremonies and share in a group. This space is also used for meditation and yoga practices.

Three tambos for staff members and shamans. An electric generator that we turn on at sunset. Two Peque-Peque (motorized boats) on our patio facing the river.